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Beneath the understated elegance lies a future of vibrant possibilities


Thoughtfully designed with functional layouts to maximise your living comfort, Tembusu Grand caters to different lifestyle needs with a selection of well-appointed homes – ranging from 1-bedroom + study to 5-bedroom and 2 exclusive penthouse units. Smart-home technologies enhance your sanctuary of modern luxury further with seamless living.

Tembusu Grand Living Hall 1

Options to indulge outside
Canvas to create inside


You are never far from our nation’s favourite cuisines. Yet you will be tempted to experiment and create gastronomical wonders at home, using your top-of-the-line kitchen that’s equipped with a Miele hood, hob and oven, and Liebherr refrigerator. Take care of your laundry with a Smeg washer and dryer. Larger 4- & 5-bedroom units will also be fitted with a Smeg dishwasher.

Tembusu Grand Kitchen
Tembusu Grand Study Room

Intimately luxurious touches Impeccably crafted details


Beauty sleep begins with a beautiful bedroom, of which a select few will offer a purpose-designed accessories cabinet. Luxuriate in the privacy of your bathroom designed with spacious vanity counters, finished with wares from Geberit and shower fittings by Hansgrohe.

Tembusu Grand Master Bedroom 1
Tembusu Grand Bathroom
Tembusu Grand 5 Bedroom Living Hall

A new dimension of living well

Soaring above it all, these 2 exclusive penthouse units are designed for larger multi-generational families looking to live comfortably under one roof. The luxurious 5-bedroom penthouses boast Master and Junior Master rooms that are exceptionally spacious with generously-sized walk-in wardrobes. Families who love to entertain at home will appreciate the spacious dry kitchen, thoughtfully designed to overlook the living and dining area.

Tembusu Grand 5 Bedroom Penthouse Bedroom
TEMBUSU GRAND Penthouse 5 Bedroom Floor Plan scaled

A home that
is smart within and out


Residential Services
Completing your life with ease, our team of Residential Hosts are on hand to provide seamless assistance. From your day-to-day needs such as parcel collection, arranging for laundry and transport bookings; to special occasions like catering for parties, restaurant reservations and more*— it’s all taken care of.
*Selected services are chargeable

Residential Services
Smart Home

Get used to having your way with smart features that make your life at Tembusu Grand even better. Control them remotely via the Smart Home app on your mobile device.

Smart Home


Smart Home Gateway with Built in Camera

Smart Home Gateway with Built-in Camera
Connects to all compatible devices. Remote surveillance and control of camera via mobile app.

Smart Air Con Controls

Smart Air Con Controls

Hot day? Turn on the air conditioning in your living and master bedroom remotely and have the home cooled in preparation for your return.

Smart Lighting Controls

Smart Lighting Controls

Schedule the lights in your living and master bedroom to come on automatically or check if you have forgotten to turn them off.

Smart Digital Lockset

Smart Digital Lockset

The convenience of locking or unlocking the door remotely. You can also use PIN, biometrics, key or access card.


Smart Video Doorbell

Smart Video Doorbell

Get notified when someone is at the door, so you can see who is paying a visit or communicate with them.

Smart Community


Smart BookingPayment 

Smart Booking/Payment

Check on the availability and pay for the booking of facilities.


Smart Audio Video Intercom 

Smart Audio Video Intercom

Let visitors announce their arrival at the lift lobby so you can let them in with a simple tap.


Smart Invite 

Smart Invite
Pre-register your visitors and generate a QR code invite to allow them easy entry to the development.


Smart Car Plate Recognition 

Smart Car Plate Recognition

Give your visitors seamless access by pre-registering their car plate numbers.

Embracing sustainability through design


Awarded the BCA Green Mark Platinum Super Low Energy
Take pleasure in a home that not only affords you all the modern comforts, but does so with your interest and that of the earth at heart.

Embracing sustainability through design

Energy Efficient Design

Energy-Efficient Design

› Building oriented for good natural ventilation in both the common areas and residential units

› Building façade designed to minimise direct west-facing facades

› Provision of Renewable Energy to offset 30% designated common area electricity consumption


Energy Efficient Features

Energy-Efficient Features

› Energy-efficient air-conditioning system for all residential units and common areas

› Energy-efficient lighting design with use of LED lighting and motion sensors at designated common areas
› Energy-efficient lifts with sleep mode function

› Air-conditioning system with demand control strategies for communal facilities to minimise any energy wastage

› Electrical Vehicle charging station sat designated carpark lots

› Energy-efficient household equipment


Water Efficient Features

Water-Efficient Features

› Water-efficient fittings are provided for all residential units

Environmental Quality and Protection

Environmental Quality and Protection

› Use of certified sustainable building materials

› Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) paints for all internal walls to ensure healthy indoor air quality

› Landscape and water features to reduce urban heat build-up at the public realm creating a comfortable environment


Other Green Features

Other Green Features

› Smart home with smart community system for residents’ comfort and convenience

› Provision of bicycle parking lots to promote green transport and healthy lifestyle

› Provision of recycle bins at designated communal areas

› Pneumatic waste collection and disposal system for general and recyclable waste

Last Updated: 4th March 2024

Tembusu Grand Floor Plan available in PDF.

A contemporary architectural masterpiece blended with natural elements is presented. Upon entering the Arrival Courtyard, you are welcomed by green and vibrant greenery and water features that invite you to relax and unwind. Find relaxation in the Scent and Herbs Gardens, or enjoy leisurely walks in the Serenity Walk and Garden. Bring your pets to the Pets Corner for outdoor fun.

To de-stress after a long day, there is a yoga studio, tennis court, and gymnasium overlooking the lap pool. The Leisure Lawn and Co-Working Lounge offer unique spaces for remote work.

The Grand Club, nestled amidst picturesque gardens, features various pools for recreational activities. The Wading Pool and Family Pool provide enjoyment for both kids and parents, while the intimate Spa Pool is perfect for rejuvenation. Serious swimmers can make use of the 50m Infinity Lap Pool to improve their swimming skills.

There are also spaces for play and engagement. The Function Room is well-appointed and ideal for hosting family gatherings or exciting birthday parties for kids. For more intimate events, you can book a private chef to prepare a luxurious feast at the Private Dining area. The Karaoke Pod and Gaming Pod cater to adults’ entertainment needs, while the Playhouse and Kids’ Playroom offer endless fun for children.

Underneath the elegant exterior lies a future full of promising possibilities. Thoughtfully designed with practical layouts, Tembusu Grand offers a range of well-appointed homes to suit different lifestyle needs. From 1-bedroom + study units to 5-bedroom units and exclusive penthouses, there are options to accommodate various preferences. Smart-home technologies enhance the modern luxury of these homes, providing a seamless living experience.

While you have access to a wide range of cuisines nearby, the well-equipped kitchen in your home, featuring a Miele hood, hob, oven, and Liebherr refrigerator, will inspire you to explore and create gastronomical wonders. Taking care of your laundry is made easy with a Smeg washer and dryer, and larger units are equipped with a Smeg dishwasher.

Luxurious touches can be found throughout the residence, with exquisitely designed details. Some bedrooms even offer custom accessory cabinets. The bathrooms provide a private sanctuary, featuring expansive vanity countertops and high-quality fixtures from Geberit and Hansgrohe.

This is a smart home both inside and out, with advanced technologies integrated for convenience. Residential Services are also available to make your life easier, with a team of Residential Hosts ready to assist you with day-to-day needs such as parcel collection, laundry arrangements, and transport bookings. They can also help with special occasions, such as catering for parties and making restaurant reservations, although some services may incur additional charges.

Enhancing Life with Smart Home Technology: The Tembusu Grand Experience

In the age of cutting-edge technology, our homes are becoming smarter, offering us ease and management at our fingertips. Tembusu Grand, a residential development, embraces the concept of intelligent living by integrating cutting-edge features that enhance our everyday lives. Through the Intelligent Home app, residents can remotely handle various aspects of their living environment, from security to comfort and connectivity. This essay explores the connected features offered by Tembusu Grand and the ways in which they contribute to an enhanced living experience.

Smart Home Gateway with Built-in Camera:
At the heart of the intelligent home experience in Tembusu Grand is the Smart Home Gateway, which seamlessly connects with supporting devices. The integrated camera enables remote surveillance, giving residents security by allowing them to monitor their home from anywhere using the mobile app. Whether they are away on vacation or at work, residents can ensure that their home is safe at all times.

Smart Air Con Controls:
Temperatures can soar on hot days, making it essential to have a pleasant and inviting living space. With the Smart Air Con Controls, residents can remotely activate the air conditioning in their main room and master bedroom. By cooling their home in advance, they can step into a refreshing environment upon their return, promoting relaxation and well-being.

Smart Lighting Controls:
The Intelligent Lighting Controls offer both convenient and energy efficiency. Residents can schedule the lights in their living room and master bedroom to automatically turn on or off at specific times. This feature not only saves energy but also provides a inviting ambiance when returning home after a tiring day.

Connected Digital Lockset:
Gone are the days of worrying about misplaced keys or unauthorized access. Tembusu Grand’s Intelligent Digital Lockset provides residents with a seamless and secure way to lock or unlock their doors. Whether using a PIN, biometrics, key, or access card, residents have full control over their home’s access points. The ability to handle door security remotely adds an extra layer of ease and peace of mind.

Smart Video Doorbell:
With the Intelligent Video Doorbell, residents can see and communicate with visitors at their door, even when they are not physically present. The mobile app sends real-time notifications, allowing residents to engage in two-way communication and make informed decisions about granting access. This feature enhances home security and provides comfort for receiving deliveries or welcoming guests.

Connected Community Features:
Tembusu Grand goes beyond individual homes to offer intelligent features that facilitate community living. Through Smart Booking/Payment, residents can conveniently check the availability of facilities and make secure payments for bookings. The Intelligent Audio Video Intercom streamlines visitor access by enabling visitors to announce their arrival at the lift lobby, allowing residents to grant them access with a simple tap. Additionally, the Intelligent Invite feature simplifies visitor registration, generating QR code invites for easy entry into the development. The Smart Car Plate Recognition system further enhances ease by pre-registering visitors’ car plate numbers, ensuring seamless access to the premises.

The intelligent features offered by Tembusu Grand bring comfort, control, and peace of mind to residents’ fingertips. From surveillance and security to comfort and connectivity, these features create an enhanced living experience. As technology continues to advance, incorporating smart home features into residential developments like Tembusu Grand paves the way for a future where our homes adapt to our needs, simplifying our daily routines and enhancing our overall quality of life.

Embracing Sustainability through Design

In our quest for modern comforts and a higher standard of living, it is crucial that we do not forget our responsibility towards the environment. The need for green design has become more apparent than ever, and it is encouraging to see advancements in building design and construction that prioritize environmental awareness. One such remarkable example is the recognized BCA Green Mark Platinum Super Low Energy project, which not only offers premium homes but also ensures a harmonious relationship between human habitation and the earth.

The first striking aspect of this project’s commitment to sustainability lies in its energy-conscious design. The buildings are oriented to maximize natural ventilation, ensuring a constant flow of fresh air in both the common areas and residential units. Additionally, the façade of the structures is thoughtfully designed to minimize direct west-facing facades, reducing heat absorption and the need for excessive cooling measures. To further minimize the environmental impact, the project incorporates green energy sources to offset 30% of the designated common area electricity consumption, demonstrating a dedication to reducing carbon emissions.

Energy efficiency is also a key focus when it comes to the features within the residential units and common areas. Energy-efficient air-conditioning systems are installed throughout the development, providing ideal comfort while minimizing energy consumption. The lighting design employs the use of LED lighting and motion sensors in designated common areas, ensuring that lights are only activated when necessary, thereby conserving energy. Even the lifts are equipped with sleep mode functions, reducing standby power consumption. To encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, designated carpark lots are equipped with electrical vehicle charging stations, supporting green transportation choices.

Water conservation is another crucial aspect of sustainable living that the project prioritizes. Water-efficient fittings are provided in all residential units, promoting responsible water usage without compromising on convenience. By implementing these measures, the development contributes to the conservation of water resources and emphasizes the importance of sustainable practices.

Beyond energy and water efficiency, the project takes into account environmental quality and protection. Environmentally friendly building materials, certified for their eco-friendly attributes, are used in construction. Low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) paints are employed for all internal walls, ensuring safe indoor air quality for the residents. The inclusion of landscape and water features not only adds aesthetic charm but also helps to reduce urban heat build-up, creating a comfortable environment for both residents and the surrounding community.

The commitment to sustainability extends to various other environmentally friendly features incorporated into the project. The implementation of a smart home system, coupled with a smart community system, enhances residents’ ease and convenience while minimizing energy wastage. Bicycle parking lots are provided, encouraging greener transportation options and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Recycle bins are strategically placed in designated communal areas, fostering a culture of waste segregation and responsible waste management. Furthermore, a pneumatic waste collection and disposal system is implemented, ensuring efficient waste management for both general and recyclable waste.

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